Call for Internship Program

Technology and Innovation Institute, TECHIN2 is a federal institution established by virtue of proclamation number 1097/2018 (Proclamation adopted to restructure the Council of Minsters) and pursuant to regulation number 438/2018 (Regulation adopted to define the powers and duties of Technology and Innovation Institute). Hence, the institute is looking for qualified interns to engage in the institute areas of engagements and to support the institutional duties and responsibilities. This internship is part of TECHIN’s TECH-TALENT HUNT program that offers an opportunity for professionals to gain valuable skills and Knowledge. It has an objective of searching for talented professionals that can produce innovative solutions and products to alleviate challenges in public sector and in the community. The selected interns will engage in variety of digital solution activities such as System Software, Mobile Apps, and Web Products Design and Developments; Data Analysis and Visualization Solutions, Artificial Intelligent Products Design and Developments; LAN setups, Server Administrations, Structural and Interior Design Works, E-learning Platform Designs and Supervisions, as well as other Innovative Solutions.


MSc and BSc Graduates after 2018 G.C in the fields of computer science, information technology, information science, software engineering, computer engineering, data science, architecture, interior designer, educational planning and management (or Educational Policy and Strategic Management or Curriculum and Instruction ), Multimedia Developer (audio visual). Interns are expected to have the ability to work with people from different back grounds, verbal and written communication and presentation skills, an ability to learn global TECH trends quickly. Female applicants are encouraged.

Preferred Skills

Interns are preferred to have Knowledge and skills on requirements gathering, understanding, designing, development and implementation of projects, use of front end and back end programming environments, database administration, server configuration, Linux, python, virtual reality, augmented reality, data modeling, design pattern, algorithm, big data analysis, national language translation using AI, Mobile application/android and IOS. Structural design, interior design, e-commerce, consultation experience on instructional strategies and techniques for e-learning contents and resources, preparation of organization policies and guidelines.


Duration: - duration of the internship period will be six months based on the interest of the applicants, starting from October 26th 2020 to April 26th, 2020. Interns are required to be physically available a minimum 50% of their time in the Institute.

Supervision: - Internees will be assigned to specific department and will report to the heads of their respective departments.

Payment: - This internship is unpaid. However, essential overhead costs may be covered by the Institute when found necessary.

Induction: After selection, interns will receive a structured induction to help them fully integrate into the institutional culture of TECHIN2 and familiarize themselves with the institute and respective tasks.

Administrative tasks will be carried out by the Institute when necessary.


Upon completion, the interns may get certificate of recognition and letters of reference detailing the work they have undertaken. In addition, they will get an opportunity to participate in capacity building trainings and related networking engagements to be offered by the institute.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should only use the institute’s website www.techin.gov.et/announcement to fill out required information along with their CV, which is not more than two pages.

Application will open on 14th October 2020; 8:00 AM and lasts until 18th October, 2020; 06:00 PM.

N.B: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email for interview and further arrangements on the date to be announced in the future.

For any inquiries and feedback, please use the mail address internship@techin.gov.et




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