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Partnership Initiatives between TECH-IN and IPDC

A partnership agreement has been concluded between Technology and Innovation Institute (TECH-IN) and Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) to collaborate on joint projects to support national development efforts.

Both Mr. Muluken Kere, Director-General of TECH-IN and Mr. Sandokan Debebe, CEO of IPDC, highlighted the importance of such partnership between the two institutes on the occasion of the signing of the partnership agreement that is intended to further strengthen the spirit of collaboration already started with earlier initiatives. 

TECH-IN has designed IPDC's website earlier and also provided corporate mail configuration service and related training to the staff.

TECH-IN has also been engaged in consultancy service on Data Center and Network Infrastructure design, installation, and configuration for the corporation by submitting a bill of quantity and request for proposal for the bidding process and it is expected to continue to support the corporation with consultancy service after the winner of the tender is identified.  

As a public research and development institute, TECH-IN is committed to supporting the national development endeavors in the areas of science, technology and innovation to realize the prosperity of the nation by undertaking various initiatives. These include modernizing the public sector through the introduction of relevant technologies and improved systems to ensure speedy and quality service provisions, and by providing relevant training supports to address related skill gaps in technology adoption and application.

IPDC has been established in 2014 to oversee the expanding industrial parks across the country to maximize the benefits in the manufacturing sector by providing modern technologies and production facilities to make Ethiopia an attractive investment destination in the continent.  

Mr. Sandokan has served as Director-General of TECH-IN for about two years before he has assumed his current position at IPDC in July 2020.


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